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2011 a new book on Ricci:
Mary Laven: Mission to China - Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit Encounter with the East
Friends of Ricci Annual  Newsletter (University of San Francisco) DVD: In the footsteps of Matteo Ricci (Hong Kong)
2011-10-23  Program on Chinese TV:   Link One    Link Two   
2010-04-28  Australian Jesuit Newsletter  
 - podcast interview 
China Daily 2010-05-28 
 "The first foreigner who became truly Chinese:
China Daily 2010-05-28
 A wise man from the West

2010-06-01 NCR
Ricci & 400 years of changing papal policies

  2008   Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579-1724  by Liam Matthew Brockey

2006-12-11 Pearl River Delta News  - front page story (thank you, Francesco, for this link!)

2005-05-07,14 Zhaoqing
Ying Sheng newspaper

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2005-03-16 CCTV



Program on Ricci



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1994: A Vision Betrayed       for students

 2000   Summary (in Putonghua) of Ricci's life - Episode 5 of the series "China's Confession"


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1985: Luo Fang Guang:  Matteo Ricci in Zhaoqing (complete text in Chinese)

Braga Collection :