Andrew C. Ross  A Vision Betrayed - The Jesuits in Japan and China, 1542-1742 

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Introduction; Chap 1 Japan & China Before the Expansion of the Iberian Sea-borne Empires; Chap 2 Francis Xavier and the Mission to Japan

Chap 3: Alessandro Valignano

Chap 4: The Christian Century in Japan, 1549-1650

Chap 5: The Christian Century in Japan, (part 2)

Chap 6: Matteo Ricci and the Road to Beijing

Chap 7:  Christian Priest and Confucian Intellectual

Chap 8: The China Mission under Schall and Verbiest

Chap 9:  The Pope, the Bourbon Kings and the Kangxi Emperor

Chap 10:  Whence Came the Vision?  + Bibliography + Index

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