Matteo Ricci & Zhaoqing      (See Ricci's own Journals)    


2012-05-15  Ricci Exhibition Centre opens at permanent site in Zhaoqing

2007-10  Article by Professor Francesco Maglioccola    re site of Matteo Ricci's original home in Zhaoqing

2007 magazine produced by Zhaoqing Museum - Matteo Ricci in Zhaoqing

2007-02-04 Future permanent site of Ricci Exhibition (due to be opened in a couple of months)

2006-12-23 Zhaoqing University report on Ricci Cultural Exchange Seminar

2006-12-10 Ricci Cultural Exchange Seminar in Zhaoqing

2006-12-08 Ricci Cultural Exchange Seminar in Zhaoqing

2006-09-10 Ricci Exhibition at Hung Lau building

2006-09-08 Opening of Ricci Exhibition at Hung Lau building + unveiling of new plaque next to tower

Zhaoqing - Hung Lau Memorial Building

Zhaoqing - memorial plaque + building in Cross Road

1987 Viagens Magazine article

1924-06-20  article published in an Italian magazine/review
saying how war in China at this time  destroyed so much.....Zhaoqing in ruins...many dead peple
....but at the Mission no damage, no injuries
(...thank you, Francesco, for yet another most important article re Zhaoqing's history)

1861 Former church built in honor of Ricci, called "Dou Yuen Jai", also called "The Ricci Church", and in 2006-2007 called "The Ricci Memorial Center"

1673! Map of Zhaoqing

Old photos of Zhaoqing