Friday 2006-09-08  Should have been Sunday September 10,
the day Ricci arrived in Zhaoqing in 1583....hence date on new plaque = 2006-09-
but ceremony was brought forward because main guest(s)
 had another engagement on Sunday

Opening ceremony of Matteo Ricci Exhibition (in this China-Italy Year)
at Zhaoqing's historic Hung Lau building.
The Exhibition is nothing short of breath-taking....details and drawings never seen before....occupying every space of Hung Lau's two floors.
 Congratulations indeed to main organizer Professor Xiao Jain Ling, Director of Zhaoqing Musuem.

2006-09-08hunglau13.JPG (23211 bytes)2006-09-08hunglau02.JPG (81742 bytes)2006-09-08hunglau01.JPG (63529 bytes)

After this ceremony,  guests went to site where Ricci lived, next to tower on river,
for unveiling of new plaque commemorating Ricci
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Plan is for this whole exhibition to be re-located to this site, when site is redeveloped in coming years, when funding is available. Site includes residence/temple of Governor/chief Mandarin in Ricci's time (photo here of inside this building....wooden frame is original....Ricci would have visited here....bricks added later)
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Exhibition photos