2005-03-13 Hung Lau (next to Number One Hospital) - see a bit of translation at bottom

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Translation summary (please let me know if any mistakes....anyone like to translate all?)

The Ming Emperor Wing Li (Yong Li) reigned from 1646 till his execution by pro-Ching forces ( in Burma where he had fled) in 1662.  From 1646 to 1650 he reigned as Emperor in Zhaoqing, in the above building.
While in Zhaoqing he went to the Seven Star Lakes (where there is a famous inscription about him). While in Zhaoqing he also started much work on the famous Ding Hu Mountain Park

Before fleeing to Burma, the Emperor fled to Yunan & Guizhou. He and his family were killed in Burma by the (in)famous Wu San Gwei (Ng Saam Gwai)