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Matteo Ricci   利 玛 窦

 Born  Oct 6   1552 

 Died  May 11  1610

Summary of Matteo Ricci's life

Matteo Ricci & Zhaoqing

Books, articles, programs about Ricci

Matteo Ricci's tomb in Beijing

Paintings/images of Matteo Ricci

Macerata in Italy  -  Matteo Ricci's birthplace

  Stamps of Matteo Ricci Maps drawn by Matteo Ricci
Links Zhaoqing meetings   

                  temporary secretary:

DVD of pilgrimage which followed   Ricci's footsteps
 from Macau to Zhaoqing, Shaoguan, Nanchang,  Nanjing, Beijing
In the footsteps of Matteo Ricci

         Lots of items re Ricci's 400th annniversary:
        put in "matteo ricci 400th anniversary"

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